A long winter hiatus

Hello, blog friends. I’ve taken a break from this blog, been hibernating just a bit.

Before I forget!!! Three of my comics will be appearing in a group comics show at the lovely Benna’s Cafe in Philadelphia, PA – – – March 8 through April 11! The opening is Friday March 8, 7-9 PM. If you’re in the area, stop by and ogle some sexy comics, man. (Link under dat image takes you to the FB event page!!!)


It’s been a good winter, if not a really strange one. Everyone says it’s too warm and I believe it. The frogs are peeping in a loud chorus every night. I can hear them on January-February-March bike rides home, along the upper lip of the Oaks Bottom Reserve from Sellwood to Brooklyn. It’s not supposed to sound or smell like spring yet, but it does. This is unnerving!

On February 10, we had to say goodbye to this dude. It’s been weird and sad not having him around anymore. But I feel solace knowing he is living it up in doggie-spirit-aura-ville…


In class, we are working on our final project, but “final project” is a bad word so we are supposed to refer to these as our “Investigations.”

Mine is developing into a sort of ode to twin-dom, a peek at text messages sent between two twin sisters on different sides of the world (LITERALLY AND METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING, YOU GUYS).

photo (2)

Our wonderful profesoras Lisa & Dunja remind us of these important guidelines while working on THE INVESTIGATION:

  1. Do not over-precious-ize your work
  2. Try EVERYTHING that is new and unfamiliar
  3. Learn to let go
  4. Channel your muse and turn your brain off (or down to a simmer)
  5. Stretch and do comics fitness while you work to keep your body happy and limber

This has been the most challenging and best semester yet. Without guidelines, I have a harder time with everything. Wish me luck….



2 responses to “A long winter hiatus

  1. Totally! I feel ya. I love our teachers and their funky/experimental/supportive approach to makin comics. Frogs in winter?? Hmm….

    • Our teachers are great. I loved Lisa’s story about going into her room, lighting candles, painting her face TOTALLY GOTH and making art…so good.
      Have you heard the frogs, too???!

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