Hello new days!

On May 9, 2013, I will have been in Portland for ONE YEAR!


I confess that as an “adult” who may or may not have her shit figured out, moving to Portland is still one of the most difficult transitions I’ve ever gone through. Making Friends As A Grown-Up In A New Place.

It helps to hear M. reassure me that this place, while still pretty great, is a different animal than it once was, when she lived here in the early to mid-2000s. There were multiple drug deals (complete with nightly gunfire) going down outside of her apartment in North Portland (now very near to the chic pet store with organic gluten-free puppy chow, and that ice cream shop that sells “Bone Marrow” flavor).

It was a seedy, gritty ‘hood. At another time she lived in a punk house full of resourceful people who didn’t own cars and fixed their own bikes and played in bands together and had to create their own rad community from the ground up.

And so, I love the idea of a community, and the way the internet connects us all. It connects us all to a fault! So there’s also a part of my psyche that groans when I think about how impatient, apathetic, and lazy humanity has become at the hand of technology.

Thankfully, creativity and magic between humans (and non-humans) exists. It’s happening all around us. 

Like this. THIS! If you ever hear about a screening of an animation by an artist called Lori D, and the animation is called “Lord I,” do your artist child perhaps the biggest favor ever: GO TO THE SCREENING AND WATCH THAT SHIT.

This animation was the summation of all years in my past and all days in my present and all years in my (projected, imagined, dreamed and hoped for) future(s).

I know that sounds vague as hell, but it was seriously profoundly eye-opening and inspiring. There were moments when I actually thought the animation had entered my own brain! I AM TOTALLY SERIOUS NOT KIDDING!!

Anyway, give support to Lori D because she is obviously a huge genius. Here is a fun animation reel she made, also:


2 responses to “Hello new days!

  1. Seriously, it is totally crazy to just up and move to a new place. Whenever I do it I’m weirdly shocked at how hard it is to adjust and find my people. After 3.5 years here I feel like I’m FINALLY accumulating some worthwhile friendships. And girl, yer one of em. Summer’s coming which means PORTLAND PARTY TIME!!!!

  2. Figure out where people like you hang out, and go hang out there. Stumptown coffee is cool. Voodoo Donuts is weird. Council Crest is thoughtful. And so on.

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