Merit Badges / Wake up, Begochiddy!

Titles are tricky, because sometimes you just want to include every word up in there, when only 1-3 are necessary.

HELLO! It’s freaking March! Freak-dancin’! Freak flags a-flyin’!
I just re-read some old journals sitting on my shelf, when I first began writing at least three pages “every” “morning” in 2012, as a part of Julia Cameron’s THE ARTIST WAY series. I found this sentence: “I need more goofballs in my inner circle” and it reminded me how grateful for goofballs I am. GFG.

Also, speaking of acronyms, M and I came up with HHH on our last coastal yurt trip, after meeting Nicole & Darlene, our camp hosts for the evening at Beverly Beach SP. The car had overheated (coolant leak) and Darlene stopped by to check in on us, walked us through troubleshooting and diagnosis and the temporary solution: water instead of anti-freeze and just keep an eye on it. Then she told us that in the last year, they quit their jobs, got rid of most of their shit and are traveling around in a 1988 Dodge camper van, lining up state park volunteer gigs for free lodging and having PROBABLY THE BEST TIME EVER. M and I were very inspired. HHH stands for Homos Helping Homos.

GFG and HHH would be very good patches, like these:


MaryMack Wear


KalenaKalena on Etsy


Lee Meszaros


SomeRabbits on Etsy


Mary Yaeger’s AMAZING hand-stitched “female merit badges”

SPACE merit badge set from Jet Black Press

…Aaaaand I just crawled out of an hour-long wormhole searching for “handmade merit badges” on Etsy and the ‘net. There are lots of great ones out there! Maybe I should start my own line.

There have been some happenings of late, and here are some of the noteworthiest:

  • Took Fiona out for belated birthday brunch at the Tin Shed, which was b-a-n-a-n-a-s with crowd, but so much fun anyway. I ate a pile of potatocake-mushroom-kale-sweetpotato-gravy and we had fancy bloody marys. Then we jammed out some drawing at Townshends Tea, and I ran into SARAH TALLMAN who was studying something and it was so rad to bump into her! Especially because the last time I went to the Tin Shed was in 2009, on a visit from SLC, with Sarah and friends! Danny, are you reading this? How cool is that?
  • Then we ate BOGO ice cream
  • Then I went to collage and bought a rainbow pencil and a tiny glass jar with a cork plug (See Fig 1)

    (Fig 1)



  • Have eked out a living situation for later this year that I feel pretty pumped about (read: North Portland house) but the details are still top secret
  • Oh yeah! My sister had THE BABY! According to fambly updates via photo text, Little Kirsten is doing great, is jumbo size, eating a lot and already has tons of hair. She is also insanely adorable.
  • Mary got a 100% on her paper for Women, Crime & Justice class, which I kind of helped out on (but the meat & bones were all her), and her teacher basically told her she is a badass genius. GO MARY
  • I have a looming deadline: March 21st for a wedding gift illo. Two friends (of friends, sort of) got hitched and I’ve been commissioned to draw a sweet illustration of them and what they love: each other, bacon and coffee.
  • I am taking a Basic Embroidery Stitches class at Collage PDX tomorrow with Serra! MEGA-STOKED
  • Speaking of classes, I will also be taking Intro to Letterpress at the IPRC this Saturday! DOUBLE MEGA-STOKED
  • Paige, Neil and I spent lovely time in the short-lived sun yesterday, setting up her drip irrigation system. I admired her beautiful mounded beds (I’m just gonna leave that one) and got to hold Snickerdoodle the Duck! Then we went out for beers and dinner at Tabor Tavern and there were PORT SHALLOTS in Neil’s bangers and mash and they were so fuggin good. Also consumed: CHEDDAR CAULIFLOWER FRITTERS, LAMB MEATBALLS, HORSERADISH POTATO HASH.
  • Worked on and finished the flier/poster for Charlotte’s upcoming MADCAP, ONE-WOMAN PUPPET MUSICAL on March 22nd in NYC! SEE BELOW
  • I got acupuncture from a wonderful woman named Vera today and I now have a Moxa stick to use on my wrist. Which has been achey and crappy lately. NOOOO NOT MY DRAWING/HIGH-FIVING HAND

I’m “sorry” for all the CAPSLOCK; life is too exciting not to capitalize

Here is the finished Begochiddy flier/poster design. Charlotte needs it yesterday so I had to stop agonizing over tiny details and just finish the dang thing. “Better is the enemy of done.”


These are getting easier and faster each time I make one. Here is the flier I designed for John’s Anti-Car Door Benefit DJ Dance Party event we put on last Thursday! This one was cool because the printer network was down at the IPRC so I had to cut ‘n paste it, draw it, slap it on the photocopier, adjust some settings and press the big green button. BAM!

johns benefit

I think more is less, non?

And now, it’s time to bike downtown and eat sushi from a tiny toy train with my boo, because life is absolutely bizarre.

Stay tuned for goofy sketches of marrieds and more hand-lettering. I love love.

xoxo ERM

4 responses to “Merit Badges / Wake up, Begochiddy!

  1. <3 <3 I'm L-O-L'ing all over the place over here, you're such a hoot. ""More is Less"", sushi in toy trains!!, CAPS, the cartoon looking at his bill <3. Best human ever, or pretty close to it.

    I'm never closing this tab.

    • I lub ewe. Thanks for being 50% of my readership! Special “fancentives” go out in the mail soon- including I Read Emily’s Blog merit badges

  2. Wow, your LIFE!! Your excitement gets me excited. I love that you write how you talk. I hope your high fiving hand is feeling better.

    • Thanks, Serra <3 Yes, I write how I talk, also known as "grammatically incorrect" or "flagrantly disrespectful to the English language"

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